Christmas Newsletter…

I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas newsletters. I don’t know why, maybe I don’t understand the need to share every event of my life with my not so nearest and dearest. Nevertheless, as I am now a not-so-frequent blogger I guess the sharing comes with the territory. So, 2010 I feel deserves some reflection. Whether or not I should share it with the world remains to be seen… 🙂

It’s Emma’s Christmas Newsletter!

Please excuse the self indulgence, it’s not as if I have anything particularly cheerful to tell you, but 2010 has been a particularly significant year and I felt that maybe some of you wouldn’t have been aware of this.

It was during a snowy visit to New York in February this year with friends that I had the feeling that I was enjoying the calm before the storm. As my father at that point was terminally ill, I was correct. Just days after returning, we received the news that a good friend had committed suicide. A trip to Aldershot for the funeral revealed so much about dear Tom that we hadn’t realised. His inability to come to terms with severe dyspraxia being one of the key things that led to his suicide.

My father passed away at the end of March. In the same week as his funeral I also attended the funeral of an old school friend who was killed by an IED while on service in Afghanistan. That was 3 funerals in one month. Then one of my precious and dear friends Stuart died of cancer, the man who prayed for my father during his battle. Stuart’s death took us all by surprise. We never believed that God would take him. I’ve been questioning God’s judgment ever since. Fortunately He’s gracious and will always remain so, for which I’m grateful, but we’re not on speaking terms at present.

So welcome to the most depressing Christmas newsletter ever! Sorry for the awful beginning. Did anything good happen? Well yes. I thought it’s about time I saw some good music. So this year I have seen Mumford and Son’s perform live, twice and have even hugged a Mumford! I’ve also seen Seth Lakeman twice. I went to Cambridge folk festival and the Hop farm festival and have seen some other tremendous live acts; Seasick Steve (also twice), Natalie Merchant, Lissie, The Wonderstuff, Stornoway, Port Issac’s Fishermen’s Friends, to name some highlights. I have a better understanding of dyspraxia, ‘Help for Heroes’ and an opinion on the war in Afghanistan. I also have a strong appreciation and love for the work done in hospices. I have started baking like a fiend. Cakes mainly, I’m quite good at them apparently! My work friends appreciate my efforts anyhow, which is important for potential bribery purposes. I also bought a Mini Cooper. It is my pride and joy and I have a lot of fun driving it! My sister bought one a couple of months later. She’s a complete copy cat but they match, mine is blue hers is red and they both have white stripes, a white roof and wing mirrors.

Very, very importantly I have some great friends who have been, and still are there in the dark times. This is the blackest of times for me and I hope for new and good things in the New Year. Thank you to those who are still around, there are less of you these days but your presence is very dear to me.

So, I raise a glass to you all this season and wish you all a very, very merry Christmas. Make the most of the people you love and the times that you have with them.

Much love,

Emma. xx

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